The 4th Virtual Design World Cup
  The 4th Student BIM&VR Design Contest on Cloud  Detail Page


The 4th Virtual Design World Cup
The 4th Student BIM&VR Design Contest on Cloud Services
-Competition for designing an advanced construction
engineering-works on Cloud, making full use of BIM/CIM and VR!-

Theme 2014
"Sustainable Olympic Town in Tokyo Bay 2020"

This is an international design competition for students to compete amongst each other in designing an innovative architecture, bridge and city design using BIM/CIM &VR technologies.
Every year students compete for the top prize which is given to an outstanding work outlining a predefined theme in the aspect of design, innovative idea, and creativity. They plan and design their work based on the theme and then run a simulation. Their final model will be presented to the judges in a form of a script for evaluation.
To assist students with the production of their work, we plan to carry out workshops and seminars. We will also support the students who will make use of software from now on. Also you can communicate and collect a lot of information without having to visit the local area by participating various workshop reviews through the Web and VR forum ( 3D cloud BBS ). The script of VR data created by FORUM8's software and a "Concept poster" (A1 size (lateral) in PDF format) are required for the final submission and the judgment is performed on the basis of "VR Cloud judgment". We would like you to use FORUM8's BIM software and VR technologies by all means and consider this competition as an opportunity to create your masterpiece. We encourage students from different departments majoring in different field of studies to make a team to work on their model together to demonstrate that BIM/CIM can be used in various discipline.

Organizers Virtual Design World Cup Executive Committee

Collaborator Shinkiba Redevelopment Consortium

Prof. Yasushi Ikeda (Graduate School of Keio University / Chief of executive committee of VDWC / Representative of IKDS)
Mr. Yoshihisa Hanamura(NPO Civil Machizukudi Station)
Associate Prof. Kostas Terzidis (Harvard University, USA)
Mr. DAVID TSENG (National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan)


  Qualification for applicant

All members who were involved in design should be students. Team can comprise of either students or working students. Graduation research and work by any member of a team who graduated before year 2013 graduation are also qualified.
There must be at least 3 members in your team to apply. Please make sure you know the part of your work contributed by each member of your team.

  Guideline for applicants

Theme2014 : "Sustainable Olympic Town in Tokyo Bay 2020"

Aerial photo :
Copyright NTT spatial information All Rights Reserved

Tokyo is striding ahead towards 2020 Olympic games the city will host to provide easy mobility and comfortable stay for visitors from around the world and to live up to the expectation for its regeneration into an advanced environmentally friendly city weighed at the metropolis ever since it won the bid. In particular, its harbor region, an industrial land that is recently transforming into a city equipped with complex urban features, will become the main venue of the Olympic and the biggest frontier of the development radiating out from the heart of Tokyo at the same time. The theme for this year's VDWC will focus on part of this area, the Shikiba/Tatsumi region within which new athletic stadiums are centralized to be specific. However, rather than just designing the new Olympic games' stadiums themselves, we also expect you to consider the urban design of this entire region. The reason being the demand for new ideas on how traffic, accommodation, and food and beverage facilities that will serve the needs of the fans during the Olympic can be used effectively even after the games, which is imperative considering the region's long-term development. (The temporary image of the Olympic stadiums that is imported into the UC-win/Road data and will be provided to you is based on the actual image of the stadiums presented by the city of Tokyo, however you are free to alter it)
We hope that you submit the kind of proposal that not only avoids unnecessary investment and excessive burden but also promises development of the harbor region into a sustainable urban waterfront which offers an attractive and valuable environment in both scenic and ecological sense. Speaking of this year's theme, as long as your work is in line with the theme itself and concerns the specified region, it does not matter whether your work covers part or whole of that region. One of the characteristics of the annual VDWC's theme is in its size, complexity, and comprehensiveness. This is because we expect each student to take advantage of the benefit gained from teamwork, one of the features of BIM, to produce an excellent result of the collaborative work done by themselves and their teammates from various fields of study.

  VR data for the Competition Site

- Procedure for browsing
- VR-Cloud® Product Information

Click the image for a larger picture.
Aerial photo : Copyright NTT spatial information All Rights Reserved
Shinkiba/Tatsumi region

  Judging standard

The use UC-win/Road is mandatory for the creation of the work. In addition, contestants must use at least one more FORUM8 software/solution to create their work of art, which must have the element of the BIM/CIM and VR and the capability of being used in these disciplines. The works will be evaluated how the new design was created in terms of the availability of BIM/CIM and also VR, duration of creating work and its quality, logicality and technical capabilities, sensuousnessand originality and presentation skills will be evaluated.

*1  Copyright
  • All contents of the awarded VR data is the copyright of each applicants.
  • The submitted VR data will not be distributed, but FORUM8 has a right to use the data and works, edit and reproduce the images and videos etc. and post or introduce it on website, magazines, books, newspaper etc. as a sales activity or an advertisement as a secoundary user of VR data.


  • The VR data created by using the software/solution licensed free of charge to the contestants,
  • PDF file of A1 sized poster (oriented horizontally)

  Application term / Schedule

Registration Period April 10 (Thu) - June 30 (Mon), 2014
Rental duration
for free licenses
April 10 (Thu) - November 28 (Fri), 2014
1st round presentation
/review (*2)
July 8 (Tue), 2014
Project Submission Period October 1 (Wed) - October 10 (Fri), 2014
Judging Period (*3) October 14 (Tue) - October 23 (Thu), 2014
Award Ceremony November 21 (Fri), 2014 Venue : Shinagawa Intercity Hall
*2 The overview of the submitted work will be presented and reviewed at the International VR Symposium The 5th Summer Workshop in Hawaii.

  Award Ceremony
Date : November 21 (Fri), 2014   Venue : Shinagawa Intercity Hall (MAP)

The winning award works will be selected through the final judging commitee and judge on cloud via VR-Cloud® and the Award Ceremony will be held.


The World Cup Prize Award is worth 300,000 yen!

  World cup prize : 1
Award 300,000 yen, world cup, award certificate

  Excellent prize : 2
Award 100,000 yen, excellent prize cup, award certificate

  Judge's special prize : 5
Award 50,000 yen, judge's special prize, award certificate

  Nominee's prize : 15
Award certificate, a panel of their work, memorials, FORUM8 original gift

  Participation Prize
Award certificate for all applicants whose works satisfy the rules.

  How to entry

Entry flow

  1. Go to our exclusive website to register online during the registration period (April 1 (Thu) - June 30 (Mon), 2014).
  2. After your entry has been accepted, we will send you the following information:
      ・Registration ID
      ・Download link for VR site model and materials we provide for you to work on.
      ・How to apply for the software you want to rent and workshop you want to join.
  3. Please fill in the application form for "Software you wish to rent" and "Seminar you wish to participate" as required, to apply.
  4. Please submit your final entry via our online submission form coming to you shortly, during the project submission period (October 1 (Wed) - October 10 (Fri)). We will then send you the site (the 3DVR cloud server) on which you can test your work, along with your ID and password.

  Available software / Free license duration term

Upon prior registration, applicants to this contest can use available software licenses for this contest free of charge for a limited duration. They can also participate in training and seminar (free or paid) on this software held by FORUM8.
Please see below for the available software and services which is for the architectural civil design solution via BIM/CIM & VR.

  Rental duration for free licenses
April 10 (Thu), 2014 - November 28 (Fri), 2014
*The rental duration, license restrictions and format provided will depend on the individual product.

  Available Software    **Required software
**UC-win/Road  (including Tsunami, Debris-Avalanche, Point Cloud / As-built drawing management plug-ins)    3D VR Simulation
    Allplan (Architecture/Engineering)    Integrated Civil Construction BIM Solution
    VR-Studio®    Large-scale Multi-VR
    Engineer's Studio®    3D Plate Dynamic Non-linear Analysis
    UC-1 Series (Bridge pier design, Bridge abutment design, 3D bar arrangement CAD)  Civil Design CAD (Japanese only)
    UC-1 for SaaS  (UC-1 cloud version, RC section, FRAME others) (Japanese only)
    Multiframe    3D Construction Analysis
    DesignBuilder    Building Energy Consumption Calculation
    xpswmm    Water Run-off Analysis *1
    OSCADY     Traffic Analysis
    TRANSYT-13     Traffic control optimization software
    EXODUS/SMARTFIRE Analysis Support Service, Evacuation Analysis Support Service    *2
    Wind and Heat Movement Analysis Support Service    *2
    Municipality Solution  *3
    Parking Solution  *3
   VR City Planning System  *3
    Super Computer Cloud®

*1 Software whose function is limited, for example the number of node
*2 Simplified analysis service with BIM data is provided
*3 Various solution/service(analysis/rendering, etc) are available for a limited time for application in BIM.

  Seminar schedule of available products

Applicants can also participate in training and seminar (free or paid) on this software held by FORUM8.

   *7 venues : "7 venues seminars" will be broadcasted to each of our 9 offices located throughout Japan and shown on the Video Conference System we have in all 9 offices.

    Main venue : Tokyo
    TV Conference : Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sendai, Sapporo, Kanazawa

Date Venue Seminar Products and solution
4/11 7 venues Engineer's Studio® seminar Engineer's Studio®
4/18 Tokyo, Japan UC-win/Road DS seminar UC-win/Road
4/23 7 venues Allplan seminar Allplan
4/24 Shanghai, Beijing,
EXODUS/SMARTFIRE seminar EXODUS analysis service
Evacuation analysis service
5/7 Shanghai, Beijing,
UC-win/Road SDK seminar UC-win/Road
5/14 7 venues DesignBuilder seminar DesignBuilder
5/16 7 venues Traffic analysis and VR simulation seminar UC-win/Road
5/21 Shanghai, Beijing,
UC-1 seminar UC-1 series
5/26 - 5/27 Tokyo, Japan UC-win/Road Expert Training Seminar UC-win/Road
6/5 7 venues Super Computer Cloud® seminar Super Computer Cloud®
Wind and heat/fluid high-performance computing analysis service
6/5  Shanghai, Beijing,
Allplan seminar Allplan
6/6 7 venues Dynamic analysis seminar Engineer's Studio®
6/12 Shanghai, Beijing,
Traffic analysis and VR Simulation seminar UC-win/Road
6/19 Shanghai, Beijing,
xpswmm seminar xpswmm
7/3 7 venues Bridge pier design and Rahmen type abutment seminar Bridge pier design
7/4 Tokyo, Japan UC-win/Road VR seminar UC-win/Road
7/10 7 venues EXODUS/SMARTFIRE seminar EXODUS analysis service
Evacuation analysis service
7/11 Osaka, Japan UC-win/Road VR seminar UC-win/Road
7/17 7 venues Bridge abutment design seminar Bridge abutment design
7/18 Nagoya, Japan UC-win/Road Advanced VR seminar UC-win/Road
7/23 7 venues UC-win/Road SDK/VR-Cloud® SDK seminar UC-win/Road
7/25 Kanazawa
, Japan
UC-win/Road Advanced VR seminar UC-win/Road
8/1 7 venues xpswmm seminar xpswmm
8/7 7 venues 3D structure analysis seminar Multiframe
8/8 Fukuoka
, Japan
UC-win/Road VR seminar UC-win/Road
8/20 7 venues 3D bar arrangement CAD seminar 3D bar arrangement CAD
8/22 Sapporo, Japan UC-win/Road Advanced VR seminar UC-win/Road
9/19 Tokyo, Japan UC-win/Road Advanced VR seminar UC-win/Road
10/3 7 venues Dynamic analysis seminar Engineer's Studio®
10/9 7 venues Allplan seminar Allplan
10/10 Tokyo, Japan Seminar for road design via virtual reality UC-win/Road

  For Inquiries

FORUM8 Co., Ltd Tokyo head office    Publishing team in charge of Virtual Design World Cup
Shinagawa Intercity A-21F, 2-15-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-6021 Japan
TEL : 03-6894-1888   FAX : 03-6894-3888  E-mail:  

   Contest History

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The 1st Student BIM&VR Design Contest

Theme 2011
"SHIBUYA Bridge"

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The 2nd Student BIM&VR Design Contest

Theme 2012
"Sustainable Design of Marine City"

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The 3rd Student BIM&VR Design Contest

Theme 2013
"Sustainable Station Front in Global Metropolis"