The 5th Virtual Design World Cup
The 5th Students BIM & VR Design Contest on Cloud
-Cloud-based design competition for civil engineering and construction works with BIM/CIM and VR! -

Theme 2015
“Redevelopment of Keelung Station Area in Taiwan”

This is an international design competition for students to compete amongst each other in designing an innovative architecture, bridge and city design using BIM/CIM &VR technologies.
Every year students compete for the top prize which is given to an outstanding work outlining a predefined theme in the aspect of design, innovative idea, and creativity. They plan and design their work based on the theme and then run a simulation. Their final model will be presented to the judges in a form of a script for evaluation.
To assist students with the production of their work, we plan to carry out workshops and seminars. We will also support the students who will make use of software from now on. Also you can communicate and collect a lot of information without having to visit the local area by participating various workshop reviews through the Web and VR forum ( 3D cloud BBS ). The script of VR data created by FORUM8's software and a "Concept poster" (A1 size (lateral) in PDF format) are required for the final submission and the judgment is performed on the basis of "VR Cloud judgment". We would like you to use FORUM8's BIM software and VR technologies by all means and consider this competition as an opportunity to create your masterpiece. We encourage students from different departments majoring in different field of studies to make a team to work on their model together to demonstrate that BIM/CIM can be used in various discipline.

Organizer : Virtual Design World Cup Executive Committee

Judging Committee
Prof. Yasushi Ikeda
Chief of executive committee of VDWC
Graduate School of Keio University
Representative of IKDS
  Mr. Yoshihisa Hanamura
NPO Civil Machizukuri Station
  Associate Prof.
Kostas Terzidis
Harvard University, USA
National Chiao Tung University,
  Mr. Patrick Janssen
National University of Singapore

 Awards  (2015/11/24)

  Title : Keelung Go!
  Team Name : Penta-Planning    University : National Chengchi University   Country : Taiwan

HELP : How to view/control VR data with VR-Cloud®
We found out that the west side of the harbor is now facing a dreadful issue: There are nearly no space for pedestrians to walk. The area is oriented mostly for vehicles. Two roundabouts in front of the old station result in traffic congestion. To bring back the space for pedestrians, Keelung Go project would divide the space vertically: We would design two transit building. At the ground floor, we replaced the two roundabouts with a whole new traffic plan, inculding a bus transit center, a long-distance bus transit center and a kiss-and-ride stop. We conceived, at the first floor, a open space for pedestrians, connecting new north and south stations, west passenger terminal and the existing portal square all the way to the east side of Keelung harbor. he core urban design for pedestrians is the connecting overpass though the site and the open spaces created in between. The lack of open spaces has been a serious issue for Keelung. Therefore, we wanted to take great use of the first floors of the building in the site to provide a place for local people and tourists to stop by and take a rest. The roof greening would also add more green spaces to Keelung. Between the north station and west passanger
terminal is the Historical Park, where people can learn more about the city and its past. A tourist information would also situate inside, guilding people from the past to the presant.

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  Title : Livelihood, Lift, Life
    ----Redevelopment of Keelung Station Area in Taiwan
  Team Name : UPL-2015    University : Kanazawa University    Country : Japan

HELP : How to view/control VR data with VR-Cloud®
According to the requirement of this redevelopment project, our objects can be summarized as: dig into location advantages and construct regional hub and gateway; develop a comprehensive functional area with competitive ability and redevelopment of urban area based on culture of port in Keelung.
Based on these, we using the key development concept of livelihood, Lift, Life start from relying on city center, after the comprehensive upgrade in function, environment and commercial activities, finally achieve bustling and prosperous. Our works mainly include: renew of main buildings, environment promotion, traffic management, elevate comprehensive function, and new technology application etc.

PDF Poster

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Judge's Special Prize
Prof. Yasushi Ikeda
(Graduate School of Keio University / Chief of executive committee of VDWC / Representative of IKDS)
   Title : THE U PORT
   Team Name : 4-t-W    University : Hosei University    Country : Japan

HELP : How to view/control VR data with VR-Cloud®
We actually went to the field survey in Keelung, and to extract the current situation of the city of Keelung of problems and improvements.
We also pour a force on the editing of the light in the UC-win/Road, and rooftops and the 3D model has been devised so that it looks beautiful in the VR.
In addition, to have the meaning of the poster of the title in the design of 3D models, and were representations of the 3D model.
In view of the above is our strong point.

PDF Poster

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Judge's Special Prize
Prof. Kostas Terzidis
(Associate Professor, Harvard University, USA)
  Title : New Keelung Arterial Plan
  Team Name : UTC-DIAN    University : University of Transport and Communications    Country : Vietnam

HELP : How to view/control VR data with VR-Cloud®
We propose “desirable Future Keelung Station area”. Desirable area provides local people best place to live with green space, convenience in service and travel . The enviromental and transit redevelopment solutions should be implemented for future sustainable development. We propose to establish a Keelung transit corridor with a new central station as a gateway out or in Keelung station area among transport modes. The central station is expected to promote economic growth, tourism attraction and big transport demand in the future. furthermore, it encourages local people and visitors using public transit as (tod) for sustainable development. In addition, environment friendly technologies and efforts are conducted: park, Eco-house, tree cover street combination green urban mobility. It is expected that redevelopment solutions brings us benefits of economy,transport, tourism....and create happy and desirable city to enjoy and working.
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Judge's Special Prize
Prof. C David Tseng
(National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan / Representative of CitiCraft architectural office)
  Title : Luminous fog marina
  Team Name : Black Coffee    University : Shibaura Institute of Technology    Country : Japan

HELP : How to view/control VR data with VR-Cloud®
We propose a new way of tourism in Keelung. And tourism is the act to know the working of the city residents. Keelung has a background that life of residents has been made up by the logistics and harbor. Among them , Keelung came out the need to reform the urban structure . If a international passenger terminal will be built, Keelung will be more and more becomes a tourist destination .So our aim is how tourists touch the life of the city. We visualize a peculiar information of remote location using BIM, and we design new Keelung, integrating variety information.
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Judge's Special Prize
Mr. Yoshihisa Hanamura
(Director of NPO Civil Machizukuri Station) / Vicechairperson of Liaison Council of Construction NPOs)
  Title : GREEN FLOW
  Team Name : INED-UTC    University : University of Transport and Communications    Country : Vietnam

HELP : How to view/control VR data with VR-Cloud®
In order to toward the sustainable development and changing Keelung' image from a pure commercial port area to a green city where is humanly and environmentally friendly. This aim paves the way for the design concept "Green flow" of INED - UTC team. "Green flow" is a concept related to the redevelopment of cities in a circulatory and sustainable renewable
Basing on the design concept "Green flow", we offer some designed and planed solution in order to the main goal:
1. Eliminating motorize and increasing the use of means and some types of public transport. This solution creates a continuous connectivity, uninterrupted and environmentally friendly transport between internal and external.
2. Dispersing the traffic volume to increase capacity, avoid traffic congestion and enhance walking
3. Taking advantage of natural energy, greening the city

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Judge's Special Prize
Mr. Patrick Janssen
(National University of Singapore)
  Title : EMARA(Easy Mobility and Reactive Area)
  Team Name : The Magic Team    University : Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture    Country : China

HELP : How to view/control VR data with VR-Cloud®
The main concept in our design is to provide easy mobility and convenient transfer routes for visitors and passengers. In our plan, there will be various kinds of modes of transport including Bus, BRT, Subway, Taxi and other vehicles in the Keelung station and the functions of each floor of the station will be designed precisely to avoid the conflicts between the pedestrian flows. Corridors are used to distribute pedestrians to different destinations. In terms of the appearance of the station, earth covered construction is applied in the station with streamlined design. We are plan to create a 3E(ecological, environmental friendly and easy-mobility) architecture.
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  Title : Fabulous Port of Future
  Team Name : O.R.T.     University : Shanghai Maritime University     Country : China

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The conception of the ”Fabulous Port of Future” is trying to construct the Port of Keelung as a center of tourism ,shipping and trade. The graphic location and conditions of Keelung is the advantage of natural, which can make the port be an ideal traveling resort by making a series of reasonable layout and redesign. Amusement park such as Disneyland Park can be constructed near the Port of Keelung, which will attract more international tourists. According to the local industries and culture, more traveling resources can be exploited through different tourism programming. Thus Keelung has the potential to be constructed as the Fabulous Port of Future.
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  Title : Flourishing Keelung
  Team Name : K & K     University : National University of Kaohsiung    Country : Taiwan

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“Flourishing Keelung” is planned for the redevelopment of Keelung city to change the image and industry. In this plan, the current station building and station front will turn into a major access point to the city with a good coordination of various functions. Therefore, this plan attempts to create the building form that represents the local culture by the image of hencoop and sky lantern. In addition, this plan will apply the functions of BIM and VR in the design processes to analysis and simulate the usability, energy conservation, and disaster prevention of the regeneration plan.
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  Title : Beating of Nature
  Team Name : Pioneer     University : Japan University    Country : Japan

HELP : How to view/control VR data with VR-Cloud®
Here henceforth tourists to sightsee the downtown areas of Kelung will increase Therefore our tem decided to work on tourists who get on cruise to sightsee and people going about their daily chores.
Such like people like to appreciate nature so we made a captivating city design.
The area with the most captivating scenery is mainly occupied with roads so we introduced cartwheels and a transportation system that allows walking.
We designed structures to enhance a city with a lot of fresh wind, sea currents, rain and green nature.

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  Team Name : Pole    University : Chongqing Jiaotong University    Country : China

HELP : How to view/control VR data with VR-Cloud®
In order to make the visitors' mind relax, we take the “ONE HARBOR TO HEART” as the gist to make a planning of the Keelung harbor.The scheme includes some bright spots such as "water curtain wall","rainbow bridge","undersea bridge","viewing roof","outdoor café","culture square"and "hydrophilic park".In the meantime, we set up some bicycle paths around the harbor which throughout every planning point.The idea of bike lanes conforms to the social concept of low carbon environmental protection,at the same time,it also is a healthy travel way.
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The World Cup Prize Award is worth 300,000 yen!

World cup prize : 1
Award 300,000 yen, world cup, award certificate

Excellent prize : 2
Award 100,000 yen, excellent prize cup, award certificate

Judge's Special Prize : 5
Award 50,000 yen, judge's special prize, award certificate

Nominee's prize : About 15
Award certificate, a panel of their work, memorials, FORUM8 original gift

Participation Prize
Award certificate for all applicants whose works satisfy the rules.
*Travelling and accommodation fee are provided for the selected teams for nominated works. Up to 3 members from the area other than Kanto area and 2 member from overseas in each team are scheduled to be invited.
  Award Ceremony

Date : November 19 (Thu), 2015 Venue : Shinagawa Intercity Hall (MAP)

The winning award works will be selected through the final judging commitee and judge on cloud via VR-Cloud® and the Award Ceremony will be held.

Open Judgement 
A presenter for The 5th VDWC / 3rd CPWC
Ryuta Ieiri
He is an architectural IT journalist transmitting information on his blog to solve the business challenges that the construction industry has including the productivity growth, global environmental protection and internationalization etc. by introducing BIM, 3DCAD and informatization construction etc.

Award Ceremony 
A presenter for the 5th VDWC / 3rd CPWC
Yuji Abe
Born in Tokyo in 1958 and graduated as Political Science and Economics major from Waseda University.
He has currently taken successive lead roles as a reporter in various Japanese TV programs such as "Variety show Sukkiri!!". He is known for his competence in English, his ability that helped him become a professional private teacher who helped his students pass an entrance exam to many prestigious schools and also helped him interview Hollywood stars visiting Japan without an interpreter.

  Guideline for applicants
Theme2015 : "Redevelopment of Keelung Station Area in Taiwan”
Click the image for a larger picture.
It was decided that the target site for VDWC2015 will be Keelung Station Area in Taiwan, and this is first time that a location outside Japan is set as target site since we launched the competition 4 years ago. Keelung is a major port city accessible in about 40 minutes by car traveling North from Taipei. The geography of the area with a deep inlet and surrounding mountains is fit for a port, attributing to the city's long history as a seaport dating back to the 17th century. It is still the second largest container harbor in Taiwan, and ranks 39th in the world in container-handling capacity. The Keelung Station area situated in the inner harbor is planned for redevelopment to change Keelung's image and industry from cargo-shipping to tourism and business purpose and to enable the city to function as major seaport catering for a growing demand in those industries. As part of the redevelopment project, construction to move the station's platform underground, 2 entrances to the station building located on the north and south side of the station to different locations, and bus terminus above the new platform is currently underway. The next phase of redevelopment project planned to take place soon after the aforementioned construction involves the redevelopment of the current station building and station front, which are bound to become a major access point to the city, plus commercial facilities.
In addition, the construction of a large international cruise terminal whose design will be chosen through an international design competition is planned in the neighboring area, and when completed, the new terminal will attract many tourists on large passenger ships from around the world. Furthermore, other large railway traffic networks such as MRT and LRT are also under consideration, and the crucial element for the regeneration of the area from a historic town to an attractive tourist spot is indeed the redevelopment of the station front in such a way as to turn it into a major transportation node. Ideas in line with the theme that add an attractive element to the space within the target site with a potential of promoting a good coordination of various functions catering for passenger traffic focusing on those that alleviate the flow of mingling pedestrians which in turn causes a regeneration of the city of Keelung, and in addition, add a generic value to the aspect of usability, energy conservation, and measures against disasters are expected in the deliverables.
The works and design in which we can see that the effective use of simulation with BIM function for design process allows to theoretically support the bold proposal or complicated configuration and the effective use of VR in the presentation allows for the experience of navigating through VR space depicting the target site, something difficult to experience when only drawings are used, will be expected to be submitted.
   VR data for the Competition Site

- Procedure for browsing
- VR-Cloud® Product Informatio

Click the image for a larger picture.
▲Keelung Station Area

  Judging standard

The use UC-win/Road is mandatory for the creation of the work. In addition, contestants must use at least one more FORUM8 software/solution to create their work of art, which must have the element of the BIM/CIM and VR and the capability of being used in these disciplines. The works will be evaluated how the new design was created in terms of the availability of BIM/CIM and also VR, duration of creating work and its quality, logicality and technical capabilities, sensuousnessand originality and presentation skills will be evaluated.

*1 Copyright
  • All contents of the awarded VR data is the copyright of each applicants.
  • The submitted VR data will not be distributed, but FORUM8 has a right to use the data and works, edit and reproduce the images and videos etc. and post or introduce it on website, magazines, books, newspaper etc. as a sales activity or an advertisement as a secoundary user of VR data.

  • Fill-out Form for Work Plan (submit by Fri. 19 June)
    Please use the "Fill-out Form for Work Plan" to type in the title of your work, your team name and team members, and to present your work with an explanation of its overview (in 100 words in English) and image(s).

    *All of the works will be judged on an anonymous basis. Please choose a team name and title by which an individual or group CANNOT be identified.
    E-mail :

  • The VR data created by using the software/solution licensed free of charge to the contestants,
    *It is mandatory to set up one main script (automatic presentation) in the VR data of UC-win/Road. Please follow the rules below:

    - Please make a 15 second script as your main script, in such a way as to convey the aim of your work to the reviewer intuitively, like a commercial.
    - You may make multiple scripts each lasting for about 15 seconds in addition to your main script, however, please make sure the concept of your work can be understood by watching the main script alone.
  • PDF file of A1 sized poster (oriented horizontally).
    *In English.
  Qualification for applicant

All the team members involved should be either students or working students.
There must be at least 3 members in your team to apply.
Please make sure you outline the work contributed by each member of your team.
  Application term / Schedule

Registration Period Apr. 9 (Thu) - Jun. 19 (Fri)
Please submit the work plan by Jun. 19 after the registration.
Rental duration for free licenses April 9 (Thu) - November 27 (Fri), 2015)
1st round presentation /review (*2) Jun. 29 (Mon)
Project Submission Period Oct. 1 (Thu) - Oct. 6 (Tue) Japan Time
Judging Period (*3) Oct. 9 (Fri) - Oct. 15 (Thu)
Results Announcement and Award Ceremony Nov. 19 (Thu) Venue : Shinagawa INTERCITY Hall
*2 The overview of the submitted work will be presented and reviewed at the International VR Symposium The 6th Summer Workshop in Greece.
*3 Travelling and accommodation fee are provided for the selected teams for nominated works. Up to 3 members from the area other than Kanto area and 2 member from overseas in each team are scheduled to be invited.

  How to entry

  Entry flow

  1. Please send the filled out entry form which can be downloaded from below to the following e-mail address along with the scanned students' ID cards of all of your members during the registration period (April 9 (Thu) - June 19 (Fri), 2015).
    E-mail :
  2. After your entry has been accepted, we will send you the following information:
      ・Registration ID
      ・Download link for VR site model and materials we provide for you to work on.
      ・How to apply for the seminars you want to take part in.
  3. Please submit your final entry via our online submission form coming to you shortly, during the project submission period (October 1 (Thu) - October 6 (Tue)). We will then send you the site (the 3DVR cloud server) on which you can test your work, along with your ID and password.

  Available software / Free license duration term

Upon prior registration, applicants to this contest can use available software licenses for this contest free of charge for a limited duration. They can also participate in training and seminar (free or paid) on this software held by FORUM8.
Please see below for the available software and services which is for the architectural civil design solution via BIM/CIM & VR.

  Rental duration for free licenses
April 9 (Thu) - November 27 (Fri), 2015
*The rental duration, license restrictions and format provided will depend on the individual product.

  Available Software       **Required software
**UC-win/Road (including Tsunami, Debris-Avalanche, Point Cloud / As-built drawing management plug-ins)   3D VR Simulation
    Allplan(Architecture/Engineering)     Integrated Civil Construction BIM Solution
    VR-Studio®    Large-scale Multi-VR
    Engineer's Studio®    3D Plate Dynamic Non-linear Analysis
    UC-1 Series (Bridge pier design, Bridge abutment design, 3D bar arrangement CAD) Civil Design CAD (Japanese only)
    UC-1 for SaaS (UC-1 cloud version, RC section, FRAME others) (Japanese only)
    Multiframe     3D Construction Analysis
    DesignBuilder    Building Energy Consumption Calculation
    xpswmm    Water Run-off Analysis *1
    OSCADY PRO JAPAN    Traffic Analysis
    TRANSYT-13    Traffic control optimization software
    EXODUS / SMARTFIRE Analysis Support Service, Evacuation Analysis Support Service  *2
    Wind and Heat Movement Analysis Support Service  *2
    Municipality Solution  *3
    Parking Solution  *3
   VR City Planning System  *3
    Super Computer Cloud®

*1  Software whose function is limited, for example the number of node.
*2  Simplified analysis service with BIM data is provided.
*3  Various solution/service (analysis/rendering, etc) are available for a limited time for application in BIM.

  Seminar schedule of available products

Applicants can also participate in training and seminar (free or paid) on this software held by FORUM8.

*7 venues : Tokyo (Main venue)      TV Conference (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sendai, Sapporo, Kanazawa)

Date Venue Seminar Products and solution
6/2 7 venues/Web 3DCAD Studio® VR seminar 3DCAD Studio®(JP), UC-win/Road
6/3 Nagoya UC-win/Road Advanced VR seminar UC-win/Road
6/9 Osaka UC-win/Road Advanced VR seminar UC-win/Road
6/11 Shanghai, Tsingtao,
High-performance computing on cloud services®seminar High-performance computing on cloud services®
6/12 7 venues/Web Design of Pier Seminar Design of Pier Seminar (JP)
6/18 7 venues/Web High-performance computing on cloud services® seminar High-performance computing on cloud services®
6/18 Shanghai, Tsingtao,
Geotechnical Analysis series  Geotechnical series
6/19 Tokyo Seminar for road design via virtual reality UC-win/Road
6/25 Sendai UC-win/Road・VR seminar UC-win/Road
6/30 7 venues/Web Introduction seminar for UC-win/Road creater UC-win/Road
7/9 7 venues/Web EXODUS・SMARTFIRE seminar EXODUS / SMARTFIRE Analysis Support Service
Evacuation Analysis Support Service
7/10 7 venues/Web Introduction seminar for structural analysis Engineer's Studio®
7/15 Shanghai, Tsingtao,
EXODUS/SMARTFIRE seminar EXODUS / SMARTFIRE Analysis Support Service
Evacuation Analysis Support Service
7/16 7 venues/Web  Resilience Design /BIM analysis support seminar (DesignBuilder/Allplan) DesignBuilder
7/22 Kanazawa UC-win/Road VR seminar UC-win/Road
7/23 Shanghai, Tsingtao,
DesignBuilder seminar DesignBuilder
7/24 7 venues/Web  Resilience Design / CIM analysis support seminar
(ES, Geotechnical Analysis)
Engineer's Studio®
7/28 7 venues/Web 3D structural analysis seminar Multiframe
7/29 7 venues/Web Design of abutment seminar Design of abutment (JP)
7/30 7 venues/Web 3DCAD Studio®・VR seminar 3DCAD Studio®(JP), UC-win/Road
7/30 Shanghai, Tsingtao,
Allplan Allplan
8/6 7 venues/Web UC-win/Road SDK/VR-Cloud® SDK seminar UC-win/Road
8/6 Shanghai, Tsingtao,
Traffic analysis / VR simulation UC-win/Road
8/18 7 venues/Web DesignBuilder seminar DesignBuilder
8/19 Tokyo VR urban planning system seminar Municipality, VR urban planning system
8/20 Shanghai, Tsingtao,
UC-win/Road SDK seminar UC-win/Road SDK
8/26 7 venues/Web Engineer's Studio® seminar Engineer's Studio®
8/27 Shanghai, Tsingtao,
xpswmm seminar xpswmm
9/1 7 venues/Web UC-win/Road SDK/VR-Cloud® SDK seminar UC-win/Road
9/3 Shanghai, Tsingtao,
UC-win/Road VR seminar UC-win/Road
9/8 7 venues/Web 3D bar arrangement CAD seminar 3D bar arrangement CAD (JP)
9/10 7 venues/Web Allplan seminar Allplan
9/11 7 venues/Web Dynamic analysis seminar Engineer's Studio®
9/17 Shanghai, Tsingtao,
UC-win/Road Driving Simulator seminar UC-win/Road
Driving Simulator
9/18 Fukuoka UC-win/Road VR seminar UC-win/Road
9/29 7 venues/Web Introduction seminar for UC-win/Road creater UC-win/Road
10/6 Sapporo UC-win/Road Advanced VR Seminar UC-win/Road
10/22 Tokyo UC-win/Road DS Experience Seminar  UC-win/Road
Driving Simulator

  For Inquiries

FORUM8 Co., Ltd Tokyo head office Publishing team in charge of Virtual Design World Cup
Shinagawa Intercity A-21F, 2-15-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-6021 Japan
TEL : 03-6894-1888          FAX : 03-6894-3888      E-mail :

  Contest History

Virtual Design World Cup
The 4th Student BIM & VR Design Contest

Theme 2014
“Sustainable Olympic Town in Tokyo Bay 2020”

Virtual Design World Cup
The 3rd Student BIM & VR Design Contest

Theme 2013
"Sustainable Station Front in Global Metropolis"

Virtual Design World Cup
The 2nd Student BIM & VR Design Contest

Theme 2012
“Sustainable Design of Marine City”

Virtual Design World Cup
The 1st Student BIM & VR Design Contest

Theme 2011
"SHIBUYA Bridge"

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