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 Results Announcement of Virtual Design World Cup 2017
A total of 45 teams have signed up to Virtual Design World Cup (VDWC), the 7th Students BIM&VR Design Contest on Cloud (hosted by Virtual Design World Cup Executive Committee). 41 teams have passed the prejudging, and 11 works have been nominated. On 16 November 2017, at Shinagawa Intercity Hall, the World Cup Award, the Excellent award, and 4 Judge's special prize have been determined through the final open judging.

  No. 54
 Title : Yangon green labs
 Team Name : Living labs
University: National University of Kaohsiung  Country : Taiwan

How to experience VR data with VR-Cloud®

Yangon situates in the tropical monsoon climate, and known as a garden city.The green finger system allows the "green" spread into the streets, and combines the concept of "sponge city" to improve the local flood problem.
For the aspect of transportation, we will engage the traffic diversion system (partially undergrounded) to improve the urban overcrowding problem.We use xpswmm simulation for improving flood situations and use UC-win/Road analysis and simulation to study the traffic diversion process, we hope to improve the quality of local life and to conduct Yangon become an ecological and sustainable city.


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  No. 50
 Title : Golden Hub
 Team Name : Three People Studio
University: National University of Kaohsiung  Country : Taiwan

How to experience VR data with VR-Cloud®

"Golden Hub" is a sustainable development plan for Yangon city. In order to improve the traffic problem, disaster management, and lack of electricity, this plan combines residential areas, commercial activities and the use of renewable energy sources with the BRT system and transit station while combining eco-design.
Most importantly, we incorporate the concept of mixing different ethnic groups in this plan, show respect and harmony for the culture of Yangon. In addition, the plan has been carried out using simulation analysis software and gets a perfect score on availability.


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Green Development Award
Prof. Yasushi Ikeda
(Chief of executive committee of VDWC / Graduate School of Keio University / Representative of IKDS)
  No. 56
 Title : The Connecting Center
 Team Name : MPT
University: University of Transport and Communications  Country : Vietnam

How to experience VR data with VR-Cloud®

"The Connecting Center" is a redevelopment plan for Yangon.
Our goal is turning Yangon into a sustainable model city with high quality environment and connection rate, to be Asia's Most Liveable City. To make that dream come true, MPT team has an idea of designing and planning Yangon city focusing on solving 3 main issues of Yangon: Traffic Connection Problem, Disaster Prevention Problem and Living Problem. The functions of BIM/CIM and VR will be applied in the design processes to simulate the transportation, disaster management and social infrastructure in this plan.


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NewValue Award
Mr. Yoshihisa Hanamura
(Director of NPO Civil Machizukuri Station/ Director and Chairman of Civil NPO Collaboration Platform)
  No. 62
 Team Name : Wu-Gao-Song
University: National University of Kaohsiung  Country : Taiwan

How to experience VR data with VR-Cloud®

Water Link is a new project in Yangon. Its primary purpose is to improve and connect Buddhism with people in Yangon. Hopefully, through the combination of energy and ecology, it will provide a sager and more convenient place for the people. Additionally, the use of software to simulate and analyze can help identify the feasibility, safety, and sustainability of this project.


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Environmental Art Design Award
Prof. Kostas Terzidis (Tongji University)
  No. 47
 Title : Yangon Eco Street
 Team Name : Archimap
University: Daelim University College  Country : Korea

How to experience VR data with VR-Cloud®

We planned the roads with Eco system for eco-friendly and sustainable city.
First, we separate the pedestrian street and the roads to prevent car accidents, unauthorized crossing, and improve citizens' awareness of traffic regulations. In addition, we installed Bus-only road at the center of the road, to relieve traffic congestion.
Near the lake, we plan the waterway and the park to use as a promenade in normal time, and a drainage or a lagoon when it rains.
To provide sufficient green energy, we install solar panels in public facilities.


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Vision 21 Award
Prof. C David Tseng
(Grad. Inst. of Architecture, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan / Representative of CitiCraft)
  No. 25
 Title : Yangon Two-faced Well
 Team Name : influencer
University:Shibaura Institute of Technology  Country : Japan

How to experience VR data with VR-Cloud®

We propose station as a solution to major problems of Yangon, traffic problems, inadequacies of disaster countermeasures, power shortage. The station we propose here is not only a facility to serve as a base for carrying people, but also a building to which people, things are supplied. Also, in order to design them with multiple people, we will clarify the design procedure and establish a platform to be the basis. By creating a platform, we will make it as a point of design by the team. Furthermore, we will design with consideration on how it is used after construction.


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  No. 17
 Title :  Walk Rain or Shine
 Team Name :  MISO
University: Meiji University  Country : Japan

How to experience VR data with VR-Cloud®

Yangon confronts several issues. We propose following methods to solve them.
1. Transform Yangon city into a "walkable" city.
2. Upgrade Sule Pagoda Road to be safer and easier to walk around.
3. Connect Yangon Central Railway Station to Yangon River.
4. Build on-street parking for access to destination and help pedestrians to walk safely.
5. Create more pleasant places by street greening and several small gardens.
6. Construct a new public transportation from east to west "light rail transit."
7. Provide protection from sun and rain in order to walk comfortably by awnings.
8. Help mitigate flooding issues and storm water pollution by increasing permeable surfaces.


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  No. 20
 Title : healthy city
 Team Name : OHANASHI
University: Meiji University  Country : Japan

How to experience VR data with VR-Cloud®

Although the city is developing due to rapid economic growth, infrastructure is not catching up, and measures for those are necessary.Therefore, we will revitalize the natural water circulation function in the city and try solving environmental problems.
We propose incorporating green into the city.In addition, we create relationships between green and cities, connections between people and people, and communication between people and nature.
Planning the pedestrian deck with a sidewalk incorporating green for main streets with high traffic volume, Suleley Street, and defining the walking space where people want to walk.
We aim to make a sustainable city growing with the natural environment.


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  No. 24
 Title : One Way City
 Team Name : Lucha Libre
University: Nihon University  Country : Japan

How to experience VR data with VR-Cloud®

At present, traffic jams,traffic accidents and floods are causing many problems in Burma. These problems will be more tough in the future. In order to reduced by changing the roads into one-way street. Trams and sidewalks are used to solve traffic accidents from stations to the Shwedagon Pagoda. The solution to the floods problem is to use the Kandawgyi Lake as a reservoir. It is hoped that these measures could help Burma improve traffic jams,traffic accidents,floods and other problems.


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  No. 44
 Title : Tri Floting Traffic
 Team Name : Thao Thao
University: Nihon University  Country : Japan

How to experience VR data with VR-Cloud®

Recent years in Yangon,there are many problems,for example serious traffic congestion by increase of cars,frequent flooding during rainy season and unstable supply of electric power.To resolve these problems,we make this town reservoir lake and raise high-level of civilisation to the surface of lake and large solar panel spot.Our town will give a lot of people new comfortable traffic and oasis. So, new station on the center of town, large shopping mall near the Pagoda, the town on the lake and a park gathered a lot of people are built.


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  No. 48
 Title : Growth-Renewable-Energy-Economic-Nature
 Team Name : GREEN STARS
University: University of Transport and Communications  Country : Vietnam

How to experience VR data with VR-Cloud®

Aiming for an ideal and sustainable Asian city our team GREEN_STARS carried out an idea for designing this area according to the concept "GREEN", "GREEN" stands for "Growth"-"Renewable"-"Energy"-"Economic"-"Nature". Starting from the goal "GREEN" and requirements of the contest. Team STARS-UTC study the planning of items in the following order: Transportation, Infrastructure, vegetation.
About Transport, we planning groups motorized and non-motorized public transport networks. The motorized use BRT, Smart - Tunnel Metro.
Regarding infrastructure, focuses on the following key points: underground trade center complex, water supply and drainage system.
About the vegetation, our team proposes building and renovating the green park.


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■Comment by Prof. Yasushi Ikeda, Chief of VDWC Executive Committee

The theme of this year Yangon, Myanmar, made the participants sharply conscious of issues that are common for large cities in Asian developing countries such as traffic issue, energy issue, and countermeasure to disasters. I think that it could have raised the awareness of the participants in linking BIM and VR technologies to the sustainable development from a global perspective. I could clearly see this consciousness on every awarded work, and what decided the winner was their skill to use technologies in addition to their design concept. The flow of creating a work not on paper but in VR seems to be rooted to some extent, and each nominated work was consciously created to look better than the exterior perspective view of its still image. For example, one team showed the work from macro scale to details as a consecutive design issue, and another team expressed a realistic experience that has time flow by using walk through and fly through well.

However, one of the advantages of a proposal with digital data is that we can comprehensively design various study items after accurately predicting the situation of real usage. The works won the World Cup Award and the Excellence Award were much superior than other works in terms of this point. Both teams reflected analysis results obtained by several simulations on the design of their works. Every work will be more persuasive if differences of effects in alleviation of traffic jam and evacuation guidance are shown by comparing multiple designs and scenarios, since simulation is a scientific proof. I think that the participants considered these factors during their designing. However, not only the final proposal but how they find a solution by using a variety of BIM tools are the point to be evaluated in this competition. It is because that it can be an important evidence insisting the validity of the work beyond language and culture.

It was hard to choose the winner from the top two works, and actually, both teams were the applicants from the same university. This university ranked high as last year and showed the ability of the competitive school, and it resulted in raising the level of the competition. As pointed out above, however, there are still many possibilities in designing with BIM and VR technology. We look forward seeing works competitive with this high level of works next year.

Final open judging and Award Ceremony
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The World Cup Prize Award is worth 300,000 yen!

World cup prize : 1
Award 300,000 yen, world cup, award certificate

Excellent prize : 2
Award 100,000 yen, excellent prize cup, award certificate

Judge's Special Prize : About 4
Award 50,000 yen, judge's special prize cup, award certificate

Nominee's prize : About 5
Award certificate, a panel of their work, memorials

  Judging Committee
Prof. Yasushi Ikeda
Chief of executive committee of VDWC
Graduate School of Keio University
Representative of IKDS
  Mr. Yoshihisa Hanamura
Director of NPO Civil Machizukuri Station
Director and Chairman of Civil NPO Collaboration Platform
  Kostas Terzidis
Tongji University, China
National Chiao Tung University,

  Results Announcement and Award Ceremony

Date : November 16 (Thu), 2017 Venue : Shinagawa Intercity Hall (MAP)

The winning award works will be selected through the final judging committee and judge on cloud via VR-Cloud® and the Award Ceremony will be held.

Open Judgement / Award Ceremony 
A presenter for The 5th CPWC / 7th VDWC
Ryuta Ieiri
He is an architectural IT journalist transmitting information on his blog to solve the business challenges that the construction industry has including the productivity growth, global environmental protection and internationalization etc. by introducing BIM, 3DCAD and informatization construction etc.

Award Ceremony 
A presenter for The 5th CPWC / 7th VDWC
Yuji Abe
Born in Tokyo in 1958 and graduated as Political Science and Economics major from Waseda University.
He has currently taken successive lead roles as a reporter in various Japanese TV programs such as "Variety show Sukkiri!!". He is known for his competence in English, his ability that helped him become a professional private teacher who helped his students pass an entrance exam to many prestigious schools and also helped him interview Hollywood stars visiting Japan without an interpreter.

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  Judging standard

The use of UC-win/Road is mandatory for the creation of the work. In addition, contestants must use at least one more FORUM8 software/solution to create their project, which must have the element of the BIM/CIM and VR and the capability to be used within these disciplines. The works will be evaluated based on :
  • Incorporation of BIM/CIM and VR concepts
  • Conception time
  • Design quality
  • Logicality and technical capability
  • Aesthetic appeal and originality
  • Presentation skills

All VR data content is the copyright material of the individual applicant
The submitted VR data will not be redistributed, but FORUM8 holds the right to
  • Access project data and material
  • Edit or reproduce created media (images or video)
  • Post or introduce it on websites, magazines, books, newspapers etc. as a sales activity or an advertisement

Organizer : Virtual Design World Cup Executive Committee

This is an international design competition for students to compete amongst each other in designing an innovative architecture, bridge and city design using BIM/CIM &VR technologies.
Every year students compete for the top prize which is given to an outstanding work outlining a predefined theme in the aspect of design, innovative idea, and creativity. They plan and design their work based on the theme and then run a simulation. Their final model will be presented to the judges in a form of a script for evaluation.
To assist students with the production of their work, we plan to carry out workshops and seminars. We will also support the students who will make use of software from now on. Also you can communicate and collect a lot of information without having to visit the local area by participating various workshop reviews through the Web and VR forum (3D cloud BBS). The script of VR data created by FORUM8's software and a "Concept poster" (A1 size (lateral) in PDF format) are required for the final submission and the judgment is performed on the basis of "VR Cloud judgment". We would like you to use FORUM8's BIM software and VR technologies by all means and consider this competition as an opportunity to create your masterpiece. We encourage students from different departments majoring in different field of studies to make a team to work on their model together to demonstrate that BIM/CIM can be used in various discipline.

 Application term / Schedule

Registration Period Apr. 3 (Mon) - Jun. 21 (Wed), 2017
Please submit the work plan by Jun. 21 after the registration.
Rental duration for free licenses April 3 (Mon) - November 24 (Fri), 2017
1st round presentation /review Jul 19(Wed), 2017
Project Submission Period Sep. 29 (Fri) - Oct. 4 (Wed), 2017 24:00 Japan Time
Judging Period Oct. 8 (Sun) - Oct. 11 (Wed), 2017
Nominate Announcement Oct. 13 (Fri), 2017
*Travelling and accommodation costs will be covered for teams whose works have been selected for nomination.
 Up to 3 Japanese members (from outside the Kanto region) and 2 members from overseas are invited to participate per team.
"Yangon -Aiming for an ideal and sustainable Asian city"

Since 2011 when democratic transition began following the official dissolution of military dictatorship and the release of economic sanction from the West, Myanmar has been making significant changes. Yangon, though stripped of its “capital city” status in 2006 for Naypyidaw to take over, still reigns as Myanmar’s economic capital with the country’s biggest population at 7,360,000, promises a high economic growth rate as “Asia’s last frontier”, and rapid increase in the number of road vehicles and cell phone carriers now close to the entire population marks the beginning of the city’s ascent to economic stardom. However, many issues are arising as by-products of exponential economic development that the country has not been able to clean up.

The first is traffic problem. It goes without saying that congestion and road conditions are becoming worse every year and lack of awareness for traffic rules such as traffic lights and pedestrian’s right of way to cross a street makes the situation even worse, causing an increase in traffic accident fatalities, a serious concern. Parallel parking seen all too often on roads of Yangon where there are limited number of parking lots in buildings, and the fact that the country still follows right-hand traffic even though more than 90% of cars in the country now are used cars from Japan with steering wheel placed on the right side are causing traffic problem in the first place. The second problem is in disaster management. Situated in the delta region, Yangon is subjected to frequent flood during rainy season, consequently causing health issues, and this is due in no small part to the lack of drainage systems that we should see more of given the speed of infrastructure development apparent in the city today. The third problem is lack of electricity. As in the case of flood drainage systems, the demand for power too now far outweighs its supply causing power outages almost every day. This unstable power supply is obviously hindering economic activities, and is standing between the city and economic stardom.

All these issues originate from the abrupt change in the society. But if we look on the bright side, slow economic growth before democracy due to suppression of Yangon’s economic activities has contributed to the preservation of much of its environment and ecosystems including rich forests and lakes, and historic architectures built during colonial period, when it earned its name “the garden city”. If these resources are secured and used intelligently in urban development, the city will become one of the most attractive cities in Asia. More importantly, the good nature of people in a relatively peaceful Myanmar with a vibrant mix of many different ethnic groups, among them those with strong Buddhist virtues, will no doubt become the driving force of urban development.

The target site of this year’s VDWC comprises important urban elements such as heavily congested arterial roads, downtown area that flourished in the colonial period, central station, parks, and lakes. This region is typically the area within Yangon where the above-mentioned issues and potential for exponential growth co-exist and are most apparent. Comprehensive and practical design solutions for these complex issues that drive unprecedented growth of Yangon must be effectively simulated and persuasively presented with innovative VR and simulation technology. Needless to say, these issues are never neglected in reality as master plan for changes led by the government is being updated and released every now and then. For instance, a height restriction on buildings and infrastructures to keep the clear view of Shwedagon Pagoda, the most sacred Buddhist pagoda in Myanmar respected by many reverent Buddhist disciples in the city, must be considered for the citizens. A proposal that effectively incorporates these considerations in the existing master plan, and demonstrates the kind of urban development feasible by the Yangon especially because it’s “Asia’s last frontier” with a potential of turning the city into a sustainable model Asian city by making most use of different types of provided software using methodologies supported by data, are expected.

Competition Area

VR data for the Competition Site
>> Procedure for browsing
>> VR-Cloud® Product Information

Applicant Eligibility

All the team members involved should be either students or working students.
There must be at least 3 members in your team to apply.
Please make sure you outline the work contributed by each member of your team.

Steps to Follow

1. How to register
Please register and submit your work plan during the registration period (Mon April 3 – Wed Jun 21, 2017).
Works submitted will be judged on an anonymous basis. Please choose a team name and title by which an individual or group CANNOT be identified.
To register, please complete the page accessible from the button below with your team name, team members, etc.

Please download and fill out the form using the following link to present your work with an overview explanation (in 100 words in English) and any images and upload it using the Registration form above.
 (Word, 247KB)

2.Download link to get you started
Once your registration has been processed, we will email you the following information.
  ・Registration ID
  ・Download link for VR site model and materials for you to work on.
  ・How to apply for the seminars you want to take part in.

3.Project submission
Please submit your final work during the project submission period (Fri Sep 29 – Wed Oct 4, 2017) by accessing the dedicated URL form that will be sent to you.

The VR data created by using the software/solution licensed free of charge to the contestants
*It is mandatory to set up a script (automatic presentation) in the VR data of UC-win/Road. Please follow the rules below:
  -Please make a 30 second script as your main script, in such a way as to convey the aim of your work to the reviewer intuitively, like a commercial.
  -You may make multiple scripts each lasting for about 15 seconds in addition to your main script, however, please make sure the concept of your work can be understood by watching the main script alone.
 (PDF, 330KB)

PDF file of A1 sized poster (oriented horizontally).
*In English.
Please create your poster with margin of 10mm on the left, right, top and bottom.
format  (zip, 53KB)

Available software / Free license duration term

Rental duration for free licenses
April 3 (Mon) - November 24 (Fri)
*The rental duration, license restrictions and format provided will depend on the individual product.

Available Software       **Required software
**UC-win/Road (including Tsunami, Debris-Avalanche, Point Cloud / As-built drawing management plug-ins)   3D VR Simulation
    Allplan(Architecture/Engineering)     Integrated Civil Construction BIM Solution
    Engineer's Studio®    3D Plate Dynamic Non-linear Analysis
    UC-1 Series (Bridge pier design, Bridge abutment design, 3D bar arrangement CAD) Civil Design CAD (Japanese only)
    3DCAD Studio®
    UC-1 for SaaS (UC-1 cloud version, RC section, FRAME others) (Japanese only)
    DesignBuilder    Building Energy Consumption Calculation
    xpswmm    Water Run-off Analysis *1
    EXODUS / SMARTFIRE Analysis Support Service, Evacuation Analysis Support Service  *2
    Wind and Heat Movement Analysis Support Service  *2
    Municipality Solution  *3
    Parking Solution  *3
   VR City Planning System  *3
    Super Computer Cloud®

*1  Software whose function is limited, for example the number of node.
*2  Simplified analysis service with BIM data is provided.
*3  Various solution/service (analysis/rendering, etc) are available for a limited time for application in BIM.

 Seminar schedule of available products

Applicants can also participate in training and seminar (free or paid) on this software held by FORUM8.

*9 venues : Tokyo (Main venue)      TV Conference (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sendai, Sapporo, Kanazawa, Miyazaki)

Date Venue Seminar Products and solution
4/6 Web UC-win/Road VR seminar UC-win/Road
4/13 Shanghai, Tsingtao,
4/14 Tokyo UC-win/Road Creater seminar UC-win/Road
4/20 21 Osaka UC-win/Road Expert training seminar UC-win/Road
4/25 Fukuoka UC-win/Road Advanced・VRseminar UC-win/Road
4/26 Tokyo VR City Planning seminar UC-win/Road
 5/17 Shanghai, Tsingtao,
DesignBuilder seminar DesignBuilder
5/18 9 venues・Web Allplan seminar Allplan
5/23 9 venues・Web CIM seminar Engineer's Studio®Allplan
5/24 25 Tokyo UC-win/Road Expert training seminar UC-win/Road
6/2 Osaka UC-win/Road Advanced・VRseminar UC-win/Road
6/8 9 Nagoya UC-win/Road Expert training seminar UC-win/Road
6/20 9 venues・Web Engineer's Studio seminar Engineer's Studio®
6/23 9 venues・Web Arcbazar・Environment Assesment VRseminar UC-win/Road
 6/26 Hanoi EXODUS VR seminar UC-win/Road EXODUS・SMARTFIRE
6/27 Tokyo UC-win/Road Advanced・VRseminar UC-win/Road
 6/28 Shanghai EXODUS VR seminar UC-win/Road EXODUS・SMARTFIRE
6/30  Busan EXODUS VR seminar UC-win/Road EXODUS・SMARTFIRE
7/6 Kanazawa UC-win/Road・VRseminar UC-win/Road
7/11 9 venues・Web Abut・3D Reinforcment seminar Abut・3D Reinforcement(JP)
7/20 Tokyo UC-win/Road・VRseminar UC-win/Road
7/25 Tokyo Traffic Analysis・VRseminar UC-win/Road
7/27  Hanoi EXODUS VR seminar UC-win/Road EXODUS・SMARTFIRE
8/2 Sendai UC-win/Road・VRseminar UC-win/Road
8/4 9 venues・Web 3D Reinforcement CAD seminar 3D Reinforcement CAD
8/8 Iwate UC-win/Road・VRseminar UC-win/Road
8/9 9 venues・Web DesignBuilder seminar DesignBuilder
8/23 9 venues・Web Allplan seminar Allplan
8/24 Fukuoka UC-win/Road・VRseminar UC-win/Road
9/5 9 venues・Web 3DCAD Studio VR seminar 3DCAD StudioUC-win/Road
9/7 Sapporo UC-win/Road・VRseminar UC-win/Road
9/21 Nagoya UC-win/Road Advanced・VRseminar UC-win/Road

  Contest History

Virtual Design World Cup
The 6th Student BIM & VR Design Contest

Theme 2016
"Extension of the central city Melbourne"

Virtual Design World Cup
The 5th Student BIM & VR Design Contest

Theme 2015
"Redevelopment of Keelung Station Area in Taiwan"

Virtual Design World Cup
The 4th Student BIM & VR Design Contest

Theme 2014
"Sustainable Olympic Town in Tokyo Bay 2020"

Virtual Design World Cup
The 3rd Student BIM & VR Design Contest

Theme 2013
"Sustainable Station Front in Global Metropolis"

Virtual Design World Cup
The 2nd Student BIM & VR Design Contest

Theme 2012
"Sustainable Design of Marine City"

Virtual Design World Cup
The 1st Student BIM & VR Design Contest

Theme 2011
"SHIBUYA Bridge"

  For Inquiries

FORUM8 Co., Ltd Tokyo head office Publishing team in charge of Virtual Design World Cup
Shinagawa Intercity A-21F, 2-15-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-6021 Japan
TEL : 03-6894-1888          FAX : 03-6894-3888      E-mail : bim@forum8.co.jp
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