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 Virtual Design World Cup 2020 Results Announcement

A total of 32 teams have signed up to Virtual Design World Cup (VDWC), the 10th Students BIM&VR Design Contest on Cloud (hosted by Virtual Design World Cup Executive Committee). 31 teams passed the 1st round and 9 works have been nominated. On November 19th 2020, at Shinagawa Intercity Hall, the World Cup Award, 2 Excellence Award, and 4 Honorable Judge Award have been determined through the final open judging.

Award Ceremony (Nov. 19th 2020 at Shinagawa Intercity Hall and Online)

World Cup Award
  Entry No.
 Title      : FutureForestCity
 Team Name   : FamilyLab Kanazawa University (Japan)


Future Forest City is a smart, sustainable, and environmental-friendly city in Kalimantan. The main concept of this city is ubiquitous wireless charging that allowing Abee (a special drone we designed) and other flying vehicles traveling through the city. Abee and holographic projection technology can create an immersive augmented reality (AR) environment to facilitate people’s daily life. In consideration of reducing exposure to scorching sunlight and realizing rainwater collecting, we designed tree-shape complex function buildings to address these problems. Furthermore, Future Forest City using renewable energy such as solar energy, bioenergy, and wind energy.

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Excellence Award
  Entry No.
 Title      : Rainforest Vein
 Team Name   : Animal Crossing National University of Kaohsiung (Taiwan)


The new capital represents a coexisting space of humans and nature. On one hand, we use technologies, AR, VR, IoT systems to improve the quality of life in the city. On the other hand, as a reserve, many parks and nature preserve as possible to minimize the harm of city development. In the city, we connect buildings through many footbridges for people to interact and communicate more. The new capital is divided into three different levels, downtown,15-min distance village, and forest village, which create various lifestyles of the city.

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Excellence Award
  Entry No.
 Title      : Futuristic Evergreen
 Team Name   : The Three Tarzans Technological University (Hmawbi) (Myanmar)


In this Evergreen Forest City, we design urban landscape in modular grid system. Each module has four blocks and can travel to other module in 5 mins and inhabitants can get daily life routine and supplies within it. Not only this grid system is suitable for pandemic like COVID-19 but also a sustainable, resilient and smart city. This is a Futuristic Forest City that helps reduce environmental pollutions and allows ample amount of urban green spaces for the happiness of the population. Simultaneous consideration of traffic control incorporates in each aspect of the design. As the COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the need and opportunity for automation, utilizing autonomous vehicles will improve the future city life. The core concept is creating a livable city in forests causing the least environmental impact.

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Honorable Judge Award Future Capital Award
Prof. Yasushi Ikeda
(Chief of executive committee of VDWC / Graduate School of Keio University Representative of IKDS)
  Entry No.
 Title      : AKSATA "As the above is underground, we're ones in between"
 Team Name   : One Pace Institut Teknologi Bandung (Indonesia)


This project is planned on the new capital city of Indonesia, East Borneo as a smart, integrated, and shared mobility with healthy and green environment. Emphasizing mixed-use vertical buildings and using hubs for transit points that integrate various functions and minimized land used for buildings and increasing green open areas. One new innovation is to limit the number of vehicles in the city using a subscription system replacing private vehicles. Public transportation uses a shared shuttle .

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Honorable Judge Award Biodiversity Award
Prof. Masaru Minagawa
(Professor of Faculty of Engineering Department of Urban and Civil Engineering / Vice President, Tokyo City University)
  Entry No.
 Title      : The Light of Dawn
 Team Name   : Teletubbies National University of Kaohsiung (Taiwan)


The “ Light of Dawn” integrates the transportation, communication, and circulation systems of the new capital and introduce the characteristics of the rainforest to create a brand-new rainforest city. This project uses elevated roads and construction techniques to create a horizontal ecological circle, returning the ground to people and nature, so that rainforest plants can exist everywhere in the new capital.
The transportation system narrows the difference between personal mobility and public transportation by means of unit AI cars.
Introduce a water circulation system to improve the efficiency of water use in the whole city, and combine it with energy to generate clean and environmentally friendly energy through solar and hydropower.

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Honorable Judge Award Kinetic Orama Award
Prof. Kostas Terzidis
Design Creative Academy, Tongji University
  Entry No.
 Title      : THE GAP
 Team Name   : GUARDIAN National University of Kaohsiung (Taiwan)


For thousands of years, the Gap in the rainforest has been the key to make the new life thriving. As the Gap, the development of the new capital city in east Kalimantan brings the light to the city with serious issues such as heavy traffic, flood, kinds of pollution and so on. In our project, to sustain the rainforest and provide a better live for the residences, we try to create the “Gap” in the new city by combining the brand new traffic system, connecting the rainforest environment and digital entertainment, to reach the balance between the ecosystem and development.

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Honorable Judge Award ECOVISION Award
Prof. C David Tseng
National Chiao Tung University,Taiwan
  Entry No.
 Title      : The cosmopolitan city - City of the nature center of the world
 Team Name   : SSAT University of Transport and Communications (Vietnam)


"East Kalimantan", the new capital of Indonesia, will play a key role in urban development, being a sustainable machine as well as protecting the world's last natural resources. In this project, SSAT team 5.0 proposes ideas and designs based on the concept of "Smart society and transportation 5.0", applying artificial intelligence, IoT and cloud computing to enable monitoring, modeling and management to protect the bounded forest. In addition, we also propose the introduction of AI-guided autonomous vehicles to increase the certainty of surroundings and role-playing. The game is a supporter of autonomous driving but does not lose sustainability and harmony with nature.

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Nomination Award
  Entry No.
 Title      : THE URBAN LANDSCAPE where better city natural lifes
 Team Name   : BTN University of Transport and Communications (Vietnam)


The URBAN LANDSCAPE is the core philosophy throughout the planning of our group's new capital, with the aim of restoring the ecosystem and the living environment of the people into a giant forest where people are surrounded by green trees and the integration of creatures with mixed entities and new modes of transportation blending the nature around them. Get the idea of the kelimutu national park landscape picture to show the harmony between Nature with new technologies such as AI and IoT that allows monitoring, modeling and management to preserve green spaces. Automated transport system in the direction of environmentally friendly, emission control as well as Increase certainty about the surrounding media. Get technology to prevent natural disasters.

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Nomination Award
  Entry No.
 Title      : Kalimantan - Mobility Forest In Future
 Team Name   : LEGO Strams University of Transport and Communications (Vietnam)


LEGO Strams team suggests design with the topic “Kalimantan - Mobility Forest in Future”. In this project, our designs focus on creating a balance between modern technology and nature. Along with that, ensure the flow of wind in the city and natural water sources. We are inspired by the Stratification of vegetation in Tropical rain forests. The design will consist of three layers:
-Understory Layer The natural habitat of organisms and groundwater resources will be protected
-Canopy Layer: The main living space of the people. Buildings with pillars and green spaces on the roof will ensure the flow of wind and keep the city cool.
-Emergent Layer: The place is installed with green energy sources to supply the city

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This is an international design competition for students to compete amongst each other in designing an innovative architecture, bridge and city design using BIM/CIM &VR technologies.
Every year students compete for the top prize which is given to an outstanding work outlining a predefined theme in the aspect of design, innovative idea, and creativity. They plan and design their work based on the theme and then run a simulation. Their final model will be presented to the judges in a form of a script for evaluation.
To assist students with the production of their work, we plan to carry out workshops and seminars. We will also support the students who will make use of software from now on. Also you can communicate and collect a lot of information without having to visit the local area by participating various workshop reviews through the Web and VR forum (3D cloud BBS). The script of VR data (2 or more data files) created by FORUM8's software and a "Concept poster" (A1 size (lateral) in PDF format) are required for the final submission and the judgment is performed on the basis of "VR Cloud judgment". We would like you to use FORUM8's BIM software and VR technologies by all means and consider this competition as an opportunity to create your masterpiece. We encourage students from different departments majoring in different field of studies to make a team to work on their model together to demonstrate that BIM/CIM can be used in various discipline.

●World Cup Award : 1 (Award 300,000 yen)
●Excellence Award : 2 (Award 100,000 yen)
●Honorable Judge Award : About 4 (Award 50,000 yen)
Nomination Award (Memorials)
Travelling and accommodation fee for the award ceremony are provided for the selected teams for nominated works. Up to 3 members from the area other than Kanto area and 2 member from overseas in each team are scheduled to be invited.

Future Mobility Lifestyle in Kalimantan, Indonesia's New Capital known as the "Forest City"

Due to the environmental issues, economic concentration, and fragility of the ground in the current capital Jakarta, Indonesian government decided to move the capital to Kalimantan and chose 5 excellent ideas in a competition calling for the basic concept.

In the new capital building planning, the government is aiming at constructing the "Forest City" ensuring the sustainability to next generation. In this plan, the construction will start in 2021 and develop 200,000 hectare by 2045. It is expected that the rain forests in Borneo will be an Asian-style ecological smart city model.

This year, the VDWC committee expects participants to create proposals of future city life where new mobilities using the autonomous driving technology are realized. Competitors can create a master plan based on the excellent ideas of basic concept competition or based on their original concept, but the plan should focus on the mobility space.

In the future, residents living in this new capital will have no distinction between public mass transit and personal means of transportation, nor between livelihood support by wheelchair and robots.
Being free from driving and traffic jam, they will discover an entirely new mobility mixturing the nature around them and the digital entertainments. In other words, even buildings and rooms will be part of mobility life.
Also, the life nearby the nature in jungles where various creatures live may be realized, or the autonomous traffic control may solve issues such as flooding by unprecedented ways and ensures the resiliency in the capital.

The future autonomous driving technology has the potential to change the way people take measures against traffic issues and disasters, and at the same time change the kind of experience they can get while driving or riding a vehicle of the future. With this in mind, contestants are expected to demonstrate through visual simulation how the future autonomous driving technology will function and lead to making these changes, and present their ideas.

Considering the above, the VDWC committee is looking forward to BIM/CIM utilizations combining VR data and at least 2 design results such as architectural structure design, environmental design, disaster mitigation means, and road structures including bridge and tunnel corresponded to autonomous driving.

VR data for the Competition Site

>> Procedure for browsing
>> VR-Cloud® Product Information

Qualification for applicant

All the team members involved should be either students or working students.
There must be at least 3 members in your team to apply.
Please make sure you outline the work contributed by each member of your team.
Steps to Follow

1. Registration Thu. Apr 2 - Tue. Jun 30
2. Duration of free rental of product license  Thu. Apr 2 - Fri. Nov 27
3. 1st round selection meeting & Result notification  Selection meeting: Tue. Jul 7
Result notification: Tue. Jul 14
4. Project submission Fri. Sep 25 - Fri. Oct 2 (JST)
5. Nomination selection judging &
Announcement of nominated works
Judging period (on cloud): Thu. Oct 8 - Wed. Oct 14
Nomination result notification: Fri. Oct 16
6. Open judgment & Award Ceremony  Thu. Nov 19 

1. How to register
Please register and submit your work plan during the registration period (Thu. April 2 – Tue. June 30, 2020).
Works submitted will be judged on an anonymous basis. Please choose a team name and title by which an individual or group CANNOT be identified.
To register, please complete the page accessible from the button below with your team name, team members, etc.

* Ended

Please download and fill out the form using the following link to present your work with an overview explanation (in 100 words in English) and any images and upload it using the Registration form above.
 (Word, 41KB)

2.Download link to get you started, Free rental of product license
Once your registration has been processed, we will email you the following information.
  ・Registration ID
  ・Download link for VR site model and materials for you to work on.
  ・How to apply for the seminars you want to take part in.

3.1st round selection meeting / Result notification
The selection will be held on Tue. July 7 and the result will be notified to applicants on Tue. July 14.

4.Project submission
Teams who passed the 1st round will have a right to submit their works. Please submit your final work during the project submission period (Fri. Sep 25 – Fri. Oct 2, 2020) by accessing the dedicated URL form that will be sent to you.

The VR data created by using the software/solution licensed free of charge to the contestants
VR data created with UC-win/Road. (No copyright infringement is permitted.)
*It is mandatory to set up a script (automatic presentation) in the VR data of UC-win/Road. Please follow the rules below:
  -Please make a 30 second script as your main script, in such a way as to convey the aim of your work to the reviewer intuitively, like a commercial.
  -You may make multiple scripts each lasting for about 15 seconds in addition to your main script, however, please make sure the concept of your work can be understood by watching the main script alone.
   -Name each of your script.
   -The display resolution for the cloud judgement is 768x432.  Please make sure the font size.
 (PDF, 330KB)

"Data" created with FORUM8 software (2 or more data files)
PDF file of A1 sized poster (oriented horizontally)

*In English.
Please create your poster with margin of 10mm on the left, right, top and bottom.
format  (zip, 53KB)

5.Nomination selection judging / Announcement of nominated works
The nomination judging on VR-Cloud® will be held from Thu. Oct 8 - Wed. Oct 14. The result is announced on Fri. Oct 16.

6.Open judgment / Award Ceremony
Nominated teams are supposed to attend the open judgment and do a one-minute presentation. No award will be given to teams who do not attend the open judgment. 
Available software / Free license duration term / Seminars

Rental duration for free licenses
Thu. April 2 - Fri. Nov 27, 2020
* The rental duration, license restrictions and format provided will depend on the individual product.
*Rental licenses allow the use of all the functions that each applicable software offers, but they cannot used for purposes other than the competition.

Available Software       
(Planned rental products)      **Required software      *At least 2 products shall be used.
**UC-win/Road   Virtual Reality / VR Simulation
 (including Aimsun Linkage,VISSIM Linkage,Micro Simulation Player,Parking Lot,Assessment,
  Tsunami, Debris-Avalanche, Point Cloud / As-built drawing management plug-ins)
    Allplan(Architecture/Engineering)     Integrated Civil Construction BIM Solution
  *Engineer's Studio®    3D Plate Dynamic Non-linear Analysis
    3DCAD Studio®
   *UC-1 Series (Vehicle Trajectory Mapping System ,Parking drawing system,Bridge pier design,
  Bridge abutment design, 3D bar arrangement CAD) Civil Design CAD (Japanese only)
   *UC-1 for SaaS (UC-1 cloud version, RC section, FRAME others) (Japanese only)
   *DesignBuilder    Building Energy Consumption Calculation
     EXODUS / SMARTFIRE Analysis Support Service, Evacuation Analysis Support Service  *1
   *Wind and Heat Movement Analysis Support Service  *1
   *Municipality Solution  *2
   *Parking Solution  *2
  *VR City Planning System  *2
   *Super Computing Cloud® *2

*1  Simplified analysis service with BIM data is provided.
*2  Various solution/service (analysis/rendering, etc) are available for a limited time for application in BIM. Advance counseling about the purpose of use is required.

 Seminar schedule of available products

Applicants can also participate in training and seminar (free or paid) on this software held by FORUM8.
>> Seminars in Japanese

Date Venue Language Seminar Products and solution
4/8 Shanghai / Qingdao / Taipei Chinese Allplan seminar Allplan
4/9 Web English Engineer's Studio® seminar Engineer's Studio®
4/16 Shanghai / Qingdao / Taipei Chinese Shade3D seminar Shade3D
4/24 Shanghai / Qingdao / Taipei Chinese UC-win/Road DS seminar UC-win/Road
Driving Simulator
5/14 Shanghai / Qingdao / Taipei Chinese UC-win/Road SDK seminar UC-win/Road SDK
5/15 Web English Shade3D seminar Shade3D
5/19 Shanghai / Qingdao / Taipei Chinese DesignBuilder seminar DesignBuilder
5/28 Shanghai / Qingdao / Taipei Chinese Traffic analysis VR simulation UC-win/Road
  Judging Committee
Prof. Yasushi Ikeda
Chief of executive committee of VDWC
Graduate School of Keio University
Representative of IKDS
  Prof. Kostas Terzidis
Tongji University, China
  Prof. Masaru Minagawa
Professor of Faculty of Engineering
Department of Urban and Civil
Engineering /Vice President,
Tokyo City University
National Chiao Tung

Local advisor
Aswin Indraprastha
Master at School of Architecture, Bandung Institute of Technology / Master and Bachelor at Shibaura Institute of Technology
Member of CAADRIA / Program Director of School of Architecture, Bandung Institute of Technology / Vice chairman of West Java architect association / Vice chairman of Indonesia architecture school association
  VDWC/CPWC Final open judging and Award Ceremony

Date : Thu. November 19, 2020 / Venue : Shinagawa Intercity Hall (MAP)

Nominated teams are supposed to attend the open judgment and do a one-minute presentation. No award will be given to teams who do not attend the open judgment. 
The winning award works will be selected through the final judging committee and judge on cloud via VR-Cloud® and the Award Ceremony will be held.
The competition result will be also announced on the FORUM8 website.
Judging standard
The use of UC-win/Road is mandatory for the creation of the work. In addition, contestants must use at least one more FORUM8 software/solution to create their project, which must have the element of the BIM/CIM and VR and the capability to be used within these disciplines. The works will be evaluated based on :
  • Incorporation of BIM/CIM and VR concepts
  • Conception time
  • Design quality
  • Logicality and technical capability
  • Aesthetic appeal and originality
  • Presentation skills
All VR data content and works created in this competition are the copyright material of the individual applicant.
The submitted data will not be redistributed, but FORUM8 holds the right to
  • Access project data and material
  • Edit or reproduce created media (images or video)
  • Post or introduce it on websites, magazines, books, newspapers etc. as a sales activity or an advertisement
  Contest History

Virtual Design World Cup
The 9th Student BIM & VR Design Contest

Theme 2019
"OSAKA Dream Island, the Future City for Entertainment"

Virtual Design World Cup
The 8th Student BIM & VR Design Contest

Theme 2018
"Sharable urban system of future Shanghai"

Virtual Design World Cup
The 7th Student BIM & VR Design Contest

Theme 2017
"Yangon -Aiming for an ideal and sustainable Asian city"

Virtual Design World Cup
The 6th Student BIM & VR Design Contest

Theme 2016
"Extension of the central city Melbourne"

Virtual Design World Cup
The 5th Student BIM & VR Design Contest

Theme 2015
"Redevelopment of Keelung Station Area in Taiwan"

Virtual Design World Cup
The 4th Student BIM & VR Design Contest

Theme 2014
"Sustainable Olympic Town in Tokyo Bay 2020"

Virtual Design World Cup
The 3rd Student BIM & VR Design Contest

Theme 2013
"Sustainable Station Front in Global Metropolis"

Virtual Design World Cup
The 2nd Student BIM & VR Design Contest

Theme 2012
"Sustainable Design of Marine City"

Virtual Design World Cup
The 1st Student BIM & VR Design Contest

Theme 2011
"SHIBUYA Bridge"

  For Inquiries

FORUM8 Co., Ltd Tokyo head office Publishing team in charge of Virtual Design World Cup
Shinagawa Intercity A-21F, 2-15-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-6021 Japan
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